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the ramblings of ptschett
Earth Day isn't complete without some 87-octane and some knobby tires 
26th-Apr-2010 10:47 pm
lego bulldozer
Fargo to selected forest roads and back

On Friday I put a new rear tire on the KLR650. 3500 miles was enough for the old one. The new one was about $15 more than I remember paying for the last, probably thanks to the Obama tire tariff.

Saturday I took the bike out to Valley City, Lisbon, Gwinner and then back through the Sheyenne Grassland. Pretty normal route. I did stop at the Owego pioneer cemetery in the grasslands.

Sunday's ride is the one I've mapped out here. I might have to start mapping routes before I ride them now, Google Maps now knows the forest road names and I used them to get the map to be (more) reasonably accurate.
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