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the ramblings of ptschett
Last 300+ mile ride of the season? 
18th-Oct-2009 11:41 pm
KLR rear wheel
So I took advantage of the nice weather and rode the motorcycle today. I started out headed for the forests north of Detroit Lakes, then changed my mind because the gravel and dirt roads were still muddy from recent precipitation. I decided to take the Otter Trail Scenic Byway which winds throughout Otter Tail county on paved county and state roads. I managed to ride the whole route except the Pelican Rapids / Dent/ Perham leg.

You can see my dithering about in this map. Go east on 34? Go north then east around Height-of-Land Lake? Ahh screw it let's go south.
18 October 2009 Motorcycle Ride - Segment 1

I stopped for gas at Ottertail. I didn't have to, but it ended up working out well because I then had enough fuel to complete the ride. From there it's pretty much the standard route to Fergus Falls. I did take a detour I'm not showing on the map to see Inspiration Point Bible Camp, about 5 miles from Inspiration Peak, since I spent a week there about 7 years ago and wondered if they were still around.
18 October 2009 Motorcycle Ride - Segment 2

At Fergus Falls I stopped for a while and read the displays that Otter Tail Power Company put in the windows of its old powerhouse on a dam in the middle of town. When I left the sun was still 45 minutes from setting and I decided to head over to Orwell Dam and continue my tour of engineered structures.

When I left Orwell Dam I realized how much more distance I had to cover. I thought I would have daylight all the way to Pelican Rapids, but in fact I was riding in the dark for the last 15 miles to there. After Pelican I just took roads I knew and that are paved.

18 October 2009 Motorcycle Ride - Segment 3
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